Monday, May 16, 2016


It is so sad that our stage came to an end. This truly was the greatest experience, having the opportunity to work with a wide variety of people(patients) of all differents ages was very interesting.   I will cherish all the memories and I thank you my wonderful teachers for everything, for being so supporting at all times. Big thank you to Debbie, Kim, Danielle and Beverly!
all of us in that rainny day we were all ready to go do what we love!

some of the team ready to go work

Beautiful Mountains in Ocoa

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Great opportunity, thank you

As we learn, we can learn in a classroom or from experience. When you work with professionals like doctors, nurses, practical nurses and nurses aids, there is so much to gain through discussions and questions.

 There were 32 individuals (from Qc & Ontario) such as these, as well as others - teachers (in non-health care programs), a mechanic and a computer tech on this trip. We all came together to volunteer, and we worked well together, each sharing their knowledge, skills and know-how. It was amazing, we learned about ourselves, our team and about the Dominican people and culture. We are now in Santo Domingo, the students are completing their assignments and sharing the highlights of the experience for them. Thank you to our NFSB administrators for giving our team this opportunity.

Our team from CVCEC and 5 other Qc volunteers

Our larger team from Qc and Ontario

Friday, May 13, 2016


Today we had a pediatric clinic at a local school it was so fun getting to assess children , I'm really going to miss the people of the dominican. This trip has taught me how to appreciate everything I have, easily accessible health care, being able to get meds easily and having clean drinking water just to name a few because the list can go on and on. I would love to come back here and give my time to help people again. This is an experience everyone should have at least once in their life. 


The day has come to an end and so did our clinics and I have to say I am sad it has ended. However, I have learned one important thing, be grateful for all the small things and be thankful that I have a good home and good people around me! I will be a lot more grateful!! This has been such an amazing experience and if I can get one wish is that I can do it all over again and perhaps inspire others to do the same

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Shelly Ann's Experience

Amazing, Wonderful, Beautiful are just a few words to use to describe this experience.  I am indeed grateful that I had the opportunity to be a part of such an extra-ordinary experience.  

From the moment we boarded the airplane at Trudeau Airport I anticipated that it would be an experience than none other in the tropics.  I must say that I did not enjoy the flight as we experienced a few turbulences that I was not thrilled about and therefore resorted to sleep in order to calm my nerves.

When we arrived at the airport in Santa Domingo, I was struck by a wave of heat and it was time for the sun screen and hat.  I was impressed on how the immigration officers warmly welcomed us into their country with such graceful hospitality.  The Dominican Republic is a beautiful country and the people are very pleasant and most of all I find them very family oriented.

Traveling from the airport in Santa Domingo to San Jose, Ocoa was about a two and a half hour drive on a well designed and comfortable tour bus.  During this time we enjoyed the beautiful scenery of the country and many of us captured some of the distinct land marks on our cell phones or ipads.  Dominican Republic can best be described for its green and luscious mountains.

It is quite amazing on how the water filtration system is set up with the numerous pipes in an effort to have clean water for the population which will help to prevent bacteria and disease.

Upon arrival at the compound, we are greeted by the hostesses and received an official welcome afterwards.  The compound is beautiful and the paint on the external walls is very colorful and bright.
The rooms are spacious"BUT"....... I was greeted by a "Salamander".  I am not very fond of any thing that crawls so needless to say, I was not a happy camper.  Thankful to one of my colleagues, she came to my rescue.  Thank You J...

We had the opportunity to tour the hospital, rehab centre, nursing home, vaccination clinic among other places and spoke with various individuals who were able to give us a much clearer insight on how procedures are handled in their institutions.  This makes me think of how privileged we are to be exposed to the kind of health care system that we have in Canada.

We are placed in groups to work in clinics in different locations and also nursing home and community visits.  The nursing home was an awesome experience, we shaved the patients and it was such a joy to see how happy and contented they were.

I enjoyed the clinics that I went to and also the kind of work that I was permitted to do.  I had the opportunity to do assessments at two clinics and donations at one.  I loved the assessments and the interactions with the people who are very warm and friendly.  Sometimes it is difficult for the patients to express themselves fully to me but with the help of our amazing translators who translated for me, I was able to understand their health concerns.

I find it quite moving when I worked at the donations table and individuals/families came and we distributed the items.  The joy on the faces of adults, youth and kids gave me a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment and made me think of my initial reason in wanting to be a part of this trip.  "The Ability to Help Others, Who Are Unable to Help Themselves."   I feel that I can now go back home with a greater sense of satisfaction and much appreciation knowing that I can continue to make a significant impact in the lives of others, by starting with "One person at a time".  This is an awesome experience that will live on and treasure for a lifetime.!!!!  

Ocoa Experience

This trip has been such an amazing experience so far!  Watching the residents faces light up when they got the right persciption glasses or when you gave them donations was very heart warming! The residents are very greatful for us to be here and helping them as much as we can.  This trip has definitely be a life changing experience!  :)


Again, today was another amazing day of clinic worked donations table half and then assessments the other half and if I can say one thing I learned today is that as a Quebec peraon,  we have so much and we are by far more than lucky to have the things we do and we really need to take time and reflect upon  it and realize while we are drinking a glass of cold purified water in our comfy home with ac sitting on a cozy couch in a safe environment, we are very fortunate and I stand as very thankful for the things I have that someone might not have the fortune to have! This trip has made me very grateful and I am happy to say I have so much respect for these people!